Brush your Teeth Correctly

A popular question asked by my patients is, how do I know I am properly bushing my teeth?  Follow these 4 quick steps to effective tooth brushing

  1. Floss your teeth before brushing. This is so that plaque from the outside and inside surfaces of the teeth gets dislodged too be killed when you brush.
  2. Use a thorough, effective technique with a slow circular motion aimed AT and BELOW the gumline, inside and out, top and bottom. Brushing too hard may abrade your gums or cause them to recede and/or bleed, while brushing too soft will do nothing to get rid of plaque/biofilm.
  3. When brushing the back sides of your front teeth, hold the toothbrush upright (vertical) and move it up and down along each individual tooth – both lower and upper arches. Repeat several times for each tooth.
  4. When you use mouthwash, use as directed on the bottle, read all instructions BEFORE using the product.

Remember to replace your toothbrush every three months.

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