My friend recommended Vallejo Dental Associates, after 7 months of having unpleasant experiences  with different dentists and dental offices, to be exact 4 offices in Vallejo and fairfield, though so optimist,  decided to take my chances and finally  made an appointment for a check up and possible future treatments.

I already knew about all the treatments I needed, but for some reasons I kept that info to myself…sounds sneaky!
Few minutes later I was taken inside the room  and  x-rays were taken, sitting there and waiting for my dentist, gave me oppurtunity to
observe a bit. There were  two  doctors working that day, I also noticed that  there were a lot of patients’ charts which it kinda made me feel at ease to see them.  I thought  these people must be doing something right to have  all  those patients. I also noticed the offic was not one of these fancy or state of art offices but it was decent enough.. Anyway few minutes later the dentist walked in,  the first thing I liked about her was her smile and warm demeanor. Her name was Dr. Nazila Edalati.
Dr. N (as they call  her in the office) greeted me and right away she looked at me and with a nice accent (persian) said “let me guess you hate dentists and you don’t wanna be here, well!  don’t worry I don’t like them(dentists) either.”
My first impression was that she was sweet, funny, very smart and
knowledgble, informative, able, hummble, friendly and honest  to the point that she refused to do bleaching on me and when I insisted, she so patiently explained why she thought it was not a good idea.
Later on as she was treating me I realized that she was extremely gentle too and atually that is what she is famous for among
her  patients.
Dr.N also took her time to make sure that I understood the treatment that I needed and why I needed it. One thing that I had never experienced with any  other dentist.
I have been a patient in Vallejo Dental for almost two years,  I
have also referred few of my friends, we all feel very lucky to have Dr. Nazila as our dentist, and I was particularly proud of her when I heard that she was chosen  as The woman of the year in medicine and health care for 2009 and also one of  America’s top dentists for 2009.
I am positive all her patients are feeling the same way and I just want to tell her a “well deserved title Dr. N”
Linda A.

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